The „Technology-of-Scale“-Philosophy of the Pro-Line-Series – Concentration on the relevant and the enhanced performance of the equipment range based on the various working needs – is reflected in the low cost of the machine.

The modularity of the components in all machine types helps our customer to purchase the exact technology needed to use on a daily basis. Because of our own production experience the customer can count on a professional custom solution when buying a machine. This includes the extensive support when setting up the machine, in selecting the proper tools for the machine and of course guide the staff in serving the machine. The ML-series of MAIER is constantly improved and offers a wide range of state-of-the-art innovations, which offers the machining industry using Swiss-Type machines new manufacturing possibilities.

Ideally applicable

The right tool for the right job! The flexibility and the future in Swiss Type machining are shown in detail on the ML-Pro Line. The possibility to use the newest tooling- technology without problems, for example.

  • Pinch milling and drilling
  • Thread whirling and Polygonning heads
  • 90° drillheads
  • Angle drilling / milling tools
  • Customized quick change systems - WTO or KM micro tools
  • Attachments for heavy machining and high speed mill/drill applications
  • Removal and Evacuation of long workpieces


For small batch sizes even with the most complex manufacturing! Dynamic within production: Dynamic drives with a low mass torque of inertia. The combination of various components: Fanuc 31iTA control, and drive solution (1 mio. Impulses/round) MAIER-control and construction system. Unproductive time is reduced to a minimum. High rapid traverse rates, up to 32m/min a 5mm distance and faster feed rates, equal higher production.

FANUC controls paired with the strength of a cam-controlled lathe machine.

Stability and precision for speed

Based on solid ground: High tolerance capability is achieved by the ML-ProLine because of the extreme stiffness of the machine bed. The MAIER specific Polymer concrete machine base, guarantees absolute precision, even under extreme machining conditions and enables the highest surface qualities. This also contributes to cost reductions during an ongoing operation. Polymere concrete has nine times more vibration dampening qualities than that of cast iron. Therefore the vibrations caused by machining are absorbed by the machine bed  and do not affect the machine. Swiss-type machines by MAIER are designed for performance and safety. With the machine design by MAIER higher performance can be expected – in precision and speed.

Stability for stable production processes

  • Minimal heat transfer with extreme dampening performance
  • Low vibration for highest dimensional accuracies
  • Highest surface finishes and tolerance quality thanks to the massive machine construction
  • Higher precision in production , surface quality and economic efficiency due to better performance (feed motion, whirling speeds…)

Reduced down-time and tool cost

  • Powerful: Generous dimensions, performance- and whirling stable engines with high performance, conduct to vibration free machining and reduction of down-time
  • Cushioning for cushioned tool-costs: Fine vibrations will be eliminated. This protects the machine and provides up to 30% better tooling endurance and therefore time- and cost reduction.

Strong even with hard materials

  • Save handling even with machining of hardest materials, like chrome nickel steels, hastelloy, iconell, titanium-cobalt-alloy…
  • MAIER supports with manufacturing technology, tooling and process consulting the trend of handling hardest materials

Varying design

  • Modular set-up. Up to 52 machine varieties from one modular system can be customized.
  • Very flexible with tooling equipment
  • Quick change – within 20 minutes – from Swiss-type machine to lathe


  • Simulation of the hand-wheel work process-modus (not only on/off)
  • Integrated hand-wheel for comfortable and fast set-up, as well as the set up of the production-process

User friendly

  • Ideal access to the work area, to the maintenance area and the control panel
  • The generously designed working space allows easy set-up
  • On some models additional tooling stations are free, that when manufacturing parts of one family unused tools don’t have to be removed